Balsamic in the morning?

It is morning, and on the shelf next to biscuits, cereals and olive oils you see that tiny balsamic bottle.

You suddenly remember when you finally got the real balsamic from Modena, not the industrial IGP balsamic with vinegar, caramel or even worse colorants but the good traditional DOP aged 12 years. It was painful to pay more than 100$ for a tiny bottle but definitely worthy.

You usually enjoy it on strawberry, hard cheese and sometimes you even have it just one spoon to feel that delicious sweet and sour balance.

However it is just morning, and you want try something new. How about Greek Yogurt and Traditional Balsamic?

Fortunately you got that amazing Greek Yogurt ready in the fridge and you just add some sliced banana on it before beginning to pour slowly the balsamic.

Does it match?

Many will find this match not familiar, but yogurt and balsamic share already something similar to some extent: the acidity.

Don’t try this with the vinegar balsamic, that would be too much acid and ruin the experience. We are using Traditional Balsamic only which is a DOP 12 years aged where the only ingredient is cooked grape must.

The Traditional Balsamic is actually matching so well desserts and yogurt too you will find out if you try it.

Mix well and add some honey if you like an extra sweetness.

Have a good day!

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