Easy and simple is important

With the busy lives most of us are living, I believe one important aspect of food making is how easy and simple is going to be. At least for common days. While for holidays and weekends we can explore more complex food recipes.

But how simple is too simple?

Well, I guess this is up to everyone, but there is such beauty in simplicity, especially if you use good ingredients. Yes you read it well, simplicity is not the same of eating just anything like fast food. That one is better to be avoided no matter how busy you are 😊

Simplicity in the way you combine the ingredients and of course by how different ingredients you use.

Never give up on the best EVO

So what is good to play simple?

I think simplicity allows you to play with food in a more creative way, you can eventually come with new dishes.

You don’t need to be an alchemist, just follow your intuition and remember all those exotic dishes you had in your life.

Use fresh ingredients like cucumbers, lemon to enhance flavors and play with opposite textures like boiled eggs, peanuts, tiny bread.

That is my very simple dish for today dinner, a light and fun experience after an hour of yoga. Food needs balance as well and eating simple and light is good for our health.

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