Do you know the tigelle? You will soon find them in Seoul

After the traditional balsamic, here is another story that has something from Modena, this time we talk about tigelle.

Do you know the tigelle? They are typical bread of the mountainous areas of Emilia Romagna made with water, salt, flour, lard and yeast, they are also called “crescenti” and are about to be presented in Korea.

People from Modena call them crescenti for the dough that rises, while in other Italian areas they are called tigelle from the name of the terracotta discs with which the dough was cooked.

To find out more about tigelle in Korea, we met the chef, artistic Italian name Fabio, in his brand new restaurant “O Tigelle” which will open in few days. The place is very well done and is located in a central area of Seoul, in the Yongsan district next to the city hall.

O Tigelle is very bright, being on the first floor and with a large window. As soon as you enter, you will notice a beautiful three-group Marzocco coffee machine, and various stations where customers will soon be able to taste the tigelle.

We asked Fabio, how the tigelle idea was born and he told us about his trip to Italy about two years earlier, when in Bologna he tasted the famous tigelle and immediately imagined a future idea for Korea.

Fabio runs a very popular Italian restaurant called “Omangia” in the Hannam dong area, where he offers a very wide range of menu from wood-fired pizza to various quality pastas and second courses and in his restuarant for some time he has produced cured meats and made several tests with tigelle and sandwiches in general.

According to Fabio, the tigelle are already very good but a little simple for Korea, so for the Korean market he decided to add more versions to offer the customer a richer menu, ranging from tigella with salumi, but also bottarga, salmon, bacon and other delights.

In the next few days we will visit O Tigelle and try them live so as to let you know the most important thing, how good they are!

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